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Main » 2009 » August » 9 » Microsoft® Windows® Group Policy Guide (Pro-One-Offs)
Microsoft® Windows® Group Policy Guide (Pro-One-Offs)
6:44 AM
Microsoft® Windows® Group Policy Guide (Pro-One-Offs)
Publisher: Microsoft Press | Edition: 2005 | ISBN: 0735622175 | 800 pages | PDF | 7.41 Mb

Microsoft Windows Group Policy Guide covers Group Policy administration for
Microsoft Windows Server™ 2003, Windows XP Professional, and Windows 2000.
The book is designed for Windows system administrators, network engineers, and anyone
else who wants to learn the ins and outs of Group Policy. If you currently support
Active Directory or you want to learn more about Group Policy, this book is for you.
This book zeroes in on the essential information that you need to effectively deploy,
manage, and troubleshoot Group Policy. To pack in as much information as possible,
we’re assuming that you have basic system administration skills and are familiar with
Windows Server 2003 network environments. With this in mind, we don’t devote
entire chapters to understanding Active Directory, DNS, or Windows Server 2003.
Other books cover those topics in depth and better than we ever could; they include
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Inside Out (Microsoft Press, 2004), Microsoft Windows
Server 2003 Administrator’s Companion (Microsoft Press, 2004), and Microsoft Windows
Server 2003 Administrator’s Pocket Consultant (Microsoft Press, 2003). What is this
book, then? It is a guide to Group Policy, which explains everything you need to know
to successfully deploy, manage, and troubleshoot Group Policy.

The book has five parts:

■ Part 1, “Getting Started with Group Policy,” covers the fundamental tasks that
you need for Group Policy administration. Chapter 1 provides an overview of
Group Policy, discussing how it works, how it fits into a Windows network, and
how you can use it. Chapters 3 and 4 examine techniques for managing Group
■ Part 2, “Group Policy Implementation and Scenarios,” explains the essential
tasks for deploying and using Group Policy. Chapter 4 discusses how you can
deploy Group Policy in a wide variety of scenarios. Chapter 5 details how you
can improve security through Group Policy. Chapter 6 shows how you can customize
the Windows desktop and user interface using Group Policy. Chapter 7
shows how to manage user settings and data. You’ll also learn about folder redirection,
scripts, and profiles as they pertain to Group Policy. Chapter 8 discusses
how to maintain Microsoft Internet Explorer configurations and how to customize
browser security settings through Group Policy. Chapter 9 covers deploying
software through Group Policy. Chapter 10 shows how to manage Microsoft
Office configurations using Group Policy. Chapter 11 details how to use Group
Policy to maintain network security and network communications settings.
Chapter 12 examines techniques for creating custom environments for computer
labs, kiosks, special-use computers, and more.

■ Part 3, “Group Policy Customization,” digs into advanced customization of
Group Policy. Chapter 13 examines Group Policy structure. You’ll learn about
Group Policy architecture, including how Group Policy is stored and processed.
In Chapter 14, you learn about customizing administrative templates. Chapter
15 covers how to customize security templates. As you’ll discover in these chapters,
Group Policy is highly customizable, and you can do a lot to optimize your
Active Directory environment.

■ Part 4, “Group Policy Troubleshooting,” examines what to do when things go
wrong. Chapter 16 covers troubleshooting tools and techniques. Chapter 17
provides solutions for common problems with Group Policy.

■ Part 5, “Appendixes,” provides essential references and resources. Appendix A
provides a quick lookup resource, which can be used in addition to the book’s
extensive table of contents and index. Appendix B looks at the new features of
Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1. Appendix C examines techniques for
scripting Group Policy. Appendix D provides a reference for Office 2003 Administrative


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