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Main » 2009 » July » 18 » Ebook: Study English - IELTS preparation
Ebook: Study English - IELTS preparation
9:00 PM

Study English - IELTS preparation

Study English - IELTS preparation
Author: Australia Network
Publisher: Australia Network
Format: AVI + PDF + MP3
Size: 2.5 GB
Publication Date: 2005
Description: Study English - IELTS preparation, is a series of English language programs for intermediate to advanced learners, which develops skills and strategies for both English language study and those preparing to take the IELTS test.
Each program covers a different topic and explores different aspects of the English language. Our content draws on authentic material that you can watch, read and listen to plus study notes, tips and activities for practice and consolidation.
Series 1 and 2 of Study English are now available on the website Details of when the programs are shown can be found under the When to Watch column.



Version(the same as the video version - 64kbps) - 119MB



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